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Indian Gemological Identification established with State-of-The-Art Technology and expert professionals at Kolkata in 2010. In today’s date, it is a leading independent and unbiased Gemological Laboratory in Eastern India, which cater all the need of precious stone traders, suppliers, purchasers and end users.

“We always believe in building the trail and not in following the path.”

Gemstone Identification & Certification

Gemstone Identification & Certification

All necessary Physical and Chemical properties of Colour gemstones are tested using latest technical equipment and instruments and then a Certificate of Authenticity is issued.

Diamond Testing & Grading

Diamond Testing & Grading

All necessary Physical and Chemical properties of Diamond are tested and 4C's of each piece is determined using latest technical equipment and instruments and then a Certificate of Authenticity is issued.

Diamond Assorting

Diamond Assorting

Assorting of Diamonds is done by checking all Cuts, Colour, Clarity, weight, shape & size of each Diamond piece.

Studded Precious Gemstone Testing

Gemstone Identification & Certification

In studded form Gemstones can also be tested & identifying and Diamonds  can be graded on 4C's ground.

Mobile-Lab Facility

Gemstone Identification & Certification

This facility provides testing & grading of Gemstones and Diamonds at client's premises, which saves our client's time and its a risk free event of transit.

Gemological Training

Gemstone Identification & Certification

We provide 100% Practical based Gemological Courses:

Diploma in Gemology (Navratna)

Diploma in Diamond Grading

Know Who We Are

About our company

Indian Gemological Identification is an independent scientific laboratory that provides professional gemstone identification and grading services to the gems & jewellery industry. We are also specialist in certifying diamond studded jewellery offer Mobile laboratory services for t h e same. Our mission is to enhance the consumer’s trust and confidence by offering them reliable and consistent jewelry certification and grading services by maintaining the highest levels of ethics and standards of professionalism. Confidence, Security & Credibility is our motto.

Our Specialities

  • Technically Latest Gemological Laboratory
  • Experienced Gemologists & Professionals
  • Details & Minute Examination, Analysis & Grading
  • Prompt Services Mobile Laboratory
  • Smart Card (PAN Card type) Certificate
  • Sealing System Available
  • Report within same day
  • Reasonable Fee

“Never Perfect, Be Genuine”

Detail Certification

Detailed Certificate contains all the relevent information about the Gemstones and Diamond. We follow the international standared method in testing and certification of Gemstones and Diamonds.

Brand your Certificate

Now you have choices to make the Certificates of your Gemstones & Diamonds with your Trade Name, Personal Name or Logo. This offer is totally Free for you provided you continue the testing and certification of your items regularly by our Lab.

Display Mode Sealing

We can arrange your precious Gemstones & Diamonds in a Display cum Sealing Box along with their Certificate. This is very useful for counter display and authenticity of your precious stones.

Testing @ your door-step

Now you don’t have to travel with your precious Gemstones and Diamonds to our office for testing and certification by taking a risk. Our expert executive will reach at your door step with our Mobile Lab and will test all your items in your premises.

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Gem and Jewellery Industry is existed from ancient age in the world. From Kings to common people, every one is always interested in precious Gemstones. Where rich people purchase gemstones as their affluence and hobby, common and middle class people purchase it as an investment and requirement as per astrological remedy. With the increment in trading in gemstones and diamonds, need of Gemological Laboratories raised, which can genuinely identify real and fake gemstone. In some cities, Govt. had opened some lab, but these lab were insufficient to cater the need of everyone. Some international concerns opened their units in some cities. Even they were not suitable for each and every common people due to their tedious system and highly priced testing fee. Looking over all these problems of traders and customers, a group of professionals established a Scientific Laboratory – Indian Gemological Identification

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From Trainee to Trainer

Gemology Courses

Gemology, the science of the study of gemstones, has emerged as a new line of study and as a new career path for job seekers. It is also very useful for traders, suppliers and end-users.

Franchise Offer

We gives you the advantage of not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to handling the various aspects of business right from marketing to human resource management, from accounting to distribution. A proven system enables you to avoid the traps or mistakes a new business makes.

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