International Gemology Association – Gemological / Diamond Grading Course Started

Gemstones and Diamonds are an important part of world culture. Since time immemorial, people have coveted both precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and the like for their astrological significance. Gemstones were also looked upon as symbols of power and prosperity. Day by day the utility of these precious stones goes high and high.
The technology of finding gemstones, grading and evaluating them and processing them for the end user has changed radically. Gemology, the science of the study of gemstones, has emerged as a new line of study and as a new career path for job seekers. It is also very useful for traders, suppliers and end-users.Now-a-days everyone seeks quality assurance and the gems industry is no different. The owners want to posses the best of gems to showcase it to their prospective buyers or retailers. The retailers on their part want to give the best to the customers and outdo other competitors. Finally, the end-user also wants genuine and high quality gems and gem encrusted jewellery for personal use.Scope of Course in Industries

1. Mining industry

2. Jewellery making and designing units

3. Jewellery shops and showrooms 
4. Gem exporting organizations
5. Manufacturers producing Gemological instruments and gem cutting and polishing tools
6. Units specializing in the cutting and polishing of gemstones
7. Top notch goldsmiths
8. Various gem evaluation and testing laboratories
9. Gemstone and precious metal grading and quality certifying agencies
10. Industries manufacturing synthetic or artificial gems
11. Antique and art auction houses
Job Prospects
The job prospects for a Gemologist are plenty. You can look for employment in a wide variety of places. You can enter the mining or the gem exporting industry. Then there is the scope to work in the jewellery designing and jewellery retailing business. You can also find ample of opportunities in industrial units specializing in gem cutting and polishing and treatment of rough gems. In fact, the diamond polishing industry in India is one of the largest foreign exchange earning sectors in the country. Other options include opportunities in gem and precious metal evaluating and testing laboratories and gem certifying bodies. Furthermore, you can look for a job in units producing gemological tools and instruments and those manufacturing artificially created gemstones. Last but not the least you can take up a teaching assignment in any of the institutions offering courses in gemology or even set up your own independent unit.
Our Regular Courses


Our Courses provide detailed and elaborated information regarding the identification of different gemstones. Also, some of these short term courses are: Gem Identification Certificate course, Diamond Grading Certificate course. The curriculum of these programs incorporates the study of various techniques and instruments that are used in the gemological industry. These courses also provide students with hands on experience on gemological related tools and instruments by way of practical tests. 


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