About us

With the trespassing of imitation, synthetic, fake and treated gemstones in the market, it became necessary to have some independent unbiased, expert and reliable opinion.

Indian Gemological Identification is a trusted name for identification & Grading of Gemstones and Diamonds.

Colour Gem stones are identified on the basis of their Physical and Optical characteristics which includes the Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Microscopic Inclusions and many other properties to determine a natural Gem Stone. After detail and minute examination, grading and analysis of Gem stones, it produces Certificate of Authenticity, which is valid in identification and trading of Gem Stones. Each report of ours has a photograph of the Gemstone, mentioned in the identification report. 

Diamond Grading : Diamonds are graded on the basis of their 4C's i.e. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat. Each Diamond is graded carefully by experienced Diamond Grader following the International Standard.

Any Mounted Gemstone, Diamond or Jewellery studded with Gems or diamond can also be identified and graded in our Lab.

Our Specialties & Unique Features:

  • Fully Equipped Gemological Laboratory with technically latest Gemological Equipment 
  • Experienced Professionals & Gemologist
  • Detail & Minute Examination, Analysis & Grading
  • Prompt Services
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Smart Card (PAN Card) type Certificate
  • Sealing of Gems with Certificate
  • Report with in 1-2 hour
  • Reasonable Fee

Services We Provide:

  • Colour Gem Stone Identification & Testing
  • Diamond Testing & Grading
  • Studded Diamond (Jewellery) Testing
  • Diamond Assorting
  • Honour Award Winners

As an independent, honest and unbiased laboratory, it is our motto to produce genuine gemstone & diamond certificates to the purchasers, traders and customers. We appreciate all our patrons who have made our this mission true. Below is some of our "Honour Award" winners. This list is not complete and we believe, this will increase in future. Our each and every customer bears the same respect.